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DIY Collect Donations & Fundraisers for OCIB

People across the nation have successfully held donation drives for OCIB.  Collecting in-kind/product donations and monetary donations at the same time is ideal.

1. Care Package Products Collection Drive: 

Create flyers that include our donate list, collection dates, and information about our organization to advertise the drive.  Decorate multiple collection bins and place them in various rooms of your school or company to collect the products we use in our care packages for a 2-week long event.  Send the collected items to us for inclusion in our care packages.  Because we will not be able to subsidize the shipment of items to our location, please factor this cost in your project. 

Read our detailed DONATION INSTRUCTIONS regarding items to collect and how to package them for shipment. 

2. Fundraise:  

While collecting product donations, encourage donors to make a monetary donation by check to support postage costs.  Without postage funds, we cannot ship the collected items to their intended recipients.  Each care package weighing about 8-10 lbs. costs us nearly $25 to ship.  Have checks made out to “OCIB.”  Encourage donors to write a “thank you for your service” note to be included in the care packages.  After the end of your drive, send these checks to our mailing address.

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Corporate Events

OCIB has extensive experience working with small and large companies to host/co-host corporate volunteering events to support our servicewomen.  We have worked with volunteer organizations such as HandsOn San Diego and Points of Light.

Partnering companies always have a positive response to our events.  They're fun, meaningful, and easy!

Please contact us to see what we can do together!


Join Our Leadership Team

We are looking for dedicated volunteers to join our leadership team.  This may mean working with our executive director, being a host for events, joining our 5K Fun Run Committee, or becoming a member on our board.  Some positions are virtual!  Please contact us so we can discuss what role may be a good fit.  

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