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We wholeheartedly appreciate donations of products for inclusion in our care packages.  Using your donation and others’, we will put together a complete care package for shipment. If you have a bulk amount of similar items, we recommend constructing “kits,” in which ziploc bags are filled with identical items.  

Please see our list below and make sure that all products donated meet our requirements.


Note: **OCIB has the sole discretion to determine the suitability of any and all product donations to be included in our care packages. Product donations that do not meet OCIB’s care package criteria may be re-directed in any manner deemed necessary by OCIB.

DONATION Requirements:

We want the best for our ladies. Therefore, we can only accept items that meet the following criteria:

  • Unused, never opened, and in good, clean condition

  • In original packaging/container

  • If it has an expiration date, it must be good for at least one (1) year from the time we receive it

  • Not hazardous or flammable – no aerosols, perfumes, nail polish, hand sanitizer or alcohol

  • No hotel-labelled products

  • Liquid items should be placed in Ziploc-type bags

  • Food items should be self-contained and resistant to high heat degradation

  • No glass items.

  • Women’s and leisure magazines must be issued within the last 6 months.

  • Women’s oriented books must not be gory or disturbing in nature. No murder mysteries, psychological thrillers.


High Priority

  • $25 per package for postage

  • Rolls of Packing Tape: Buy off Amazon

  • shampoo

  • conditioner

  • body wash

  • face wash

  • feminine hygiene pads

  • Other facial products (Moisturizers, creams…)

  • Sunscreen (expiration 2024 or later)

  • chapstick/lip balm

  • nail care products (nail clippers, files)

  • deodorant (expiration 2024 or later)

  • loofahs

  • razors

  • leave-in conditioner

  • loofahs

  • hair ties/Bobby pins

  • SMALL packs of cotton swabs

  • dental floss (individually wrapped)

  • SMALL packs of tissues

  • books (not horror, psychological thrillers, murder stories)

  • stationery (e.g. greeting cards)

  • Fun stuff: small fragrant candles (no glass), women’s socks, 2″ massage balls (not electric)

  • Notes of thanks and words of encouragement  (see below for guidelines)

  • Children’s artwork

NOTE: Please do NOT donate flammable items (e.g. fragrances, nail polish, hand sanitizer) as these items cannot be shipped.

To save on shipping costs, you may also purchase from our Amazon Wishlist (see below) or your favorite online retailer!



  • aerosols

  • expired

  • hotel-labelled items

  • alcohols

  • perfumes

  • flammables


Order from our Amazon Wishlist to save on shipping costs!  Make sure to deliver to:


9921 Carmel Mountain Rd.

San Diego, CA 92129

Shipping to ocib

Ship your donations to us for inclusion in our care packages.

  1. Packaging: Pack bottles upright to avoid crushing and leakage.  Packing items in very large boxes is likely to result in leakage and damage to contents. Please wrap all liquid products separately from dry items in freezer ziploc bags.  The box used should be taped on all open seams.

  2. Package Slip:  In each box you are donating, include a sheet of paper with your name, mailing address, and email address.  We will add your email address to our newsletter so you know where and how your donations are making a difference.  We may also mention your organization/business’ name regarding your donation.  (If you would not like to be added to our newsletter mailing list or mentioned, please clearly state this in your note.)

  3. Shipping:   We encourage you to compare pricing from USPS, UPS and FEDEX.   If you are shipping through USPS, note that when you purchase postage online, there is a discount.

  4. Donation Notification and Receipt Requests:  Let us know when you will be making your donation and if needed, make a receipt request.

“Thank you for your Service” Notes

Write several “Thank you for our Service” notes/letters to service members.  Artwork is a great option for kids! Include your name, mailing address or email address. This is a great way to get a response from a service member.


Do not seal the envelope as all notes will be inspected for appropriateness. We do not recommend writing dated material, such as for holidays, as they may not be received in time.

Please help us by asking those participating to donate to OCIB as well to support postage costs.  Each care package costs us $25 to ship.

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