Product donations and “Thank you for your Service” notes are gratefully welcomed for inclusion in our care packages.  We ask that you consider donating monetary funds to our program as well – without funds to pay for postage, we cannot get the care packages to their intended recipients.


In-kind Product Donations

We wholeheartedly accept and appreciate donations of products for inclusion in our care packages.  While we have our general list of products included in our care packages, this is not necessarily our need at this time.  Please see our list below and make sure that all products donated meet our requirements.

In addition, please consider making a monetary donation to support the shipment of these packages.  Without postage funds, these products will not reach their intended recipients.  Each care package weighing approximately 10 lbs. costs $16 to ship.

Click here for downloadable pdf instructions.



Please DO NOT donate the following:  sunblock, chapstick

Please DO donate the following:  sanitary napkins/tampons, nail care products, hair ties, current (within last 6 months) women’s magazines or activity books, books (not horror, psychological thrillers, murder stories), stationery, body wash, loofahs, hand sanitizer, makeup, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion.



Donated items must be new, not expired, unused and never opened.  Hotel-labelled items are not accepted.  Due to USPS shipping restrictions, we cannot accept hazardous or highly flammable materials, including aerosols and perfumes.  Food items should be self-contained, non-perishable and resistant to high heat degradation.  Anything made of glass should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap or a secure box.  We accept women’s and leisure magazines if issued within the last 6 months.  Women’s oriented books must not be gory or disturbing in nature.


To save on shipping costs, you may also purchase from our Amazon Wishlist or your favorite online retailer!

OCIB Amazon Wishlist

Have Amazon or other online retailer mail donations to:
9921 Carmel Mountain Road
San Diego, CA 92129


“Thank you for your Service” Notes


Write a “Thank you for your Service” Note
Write several “Thank you for our Service” notes/letters to a servicemember.  Artwork is a great option for kids! Include your name, mailing address or email address. This is a great way to get a response from a servicemember.

Do not seal the envelope as all notes will be inspected for appropriateness. We do not recommend writing dated material, such as for holidays, as they may not be received in time.

Please help us by asking those participating to donate to OCIB as well to support postage costs.  Each care package weighing approximately 10 lbs. costs $15 to ship.


Ship your donations to us for inclusion in our care packages.

  1.  Packaging: it is best to pack bottles upright to avoid leakage.  Packing items in very large boxes is likely to result in leakage. Please wrap all liquid products separately from dry items in plastic/ziploc bags.  The box used should be taped on all open seams, i.e. in a H fashion.
  2. Donation Letter:  In each box you are donating, include a sheet of paper with your name, mailing address, and email address.  We will add your email address to our newsletter so you know where and how your donations are making a difference.  (If you would not like to be added to our newsletter mailing list, please mention this in your note.)
  3. Shipping:   We encourage you to compare pricing from USPS, UPS and FEDEX.   Many of our shipments arrive through USPS through brown boxes/ground shipping, priority mail and through UPS.

Send Donations to:

9921 Carmel Mountain Rd.
San Diego, CA 92129

For large bulk donations, please contact us directly to make arrangements.  Email us at


Want a donation receipt? Click here.