VFW Post 3787 Special Message

The following is a VFW Post 3787 Special Message by Bob Zimmerman, Senior VP Men’s Auxiliary:


My mission, serving those who serve our country for the past four years, has been and will continue to be to put smiles on their faces, laughter in their hearts, and camaraderie in their lives. Having Operation Courage is Beautiful as an integral part of that mission, with special recognition for our Female Troops in Harm’s Way is like Frosting on a Cake. By embracing our nation’s young women who have chosen to serve our great country, I am very pleased to say we the people ”Thank you for your service”. For 233 years, our America has been blessed by such commitment to serve in the Defense of Freedom.

As the Senior Vice President of VFW Post 3787 Men’s Auxiliary and Founder of We Thank Our Troops, I am honored to welcome OPERATION COURAGE IS BEAUTIFUL, as an integral part of our commitment to serve our Veteran Sisters and Brothers, past and present.

In America We Thank Our Troops Past and Present

“A country worth defending is a country worth preserving”
– Major General Michael Lehnert USMC Retired

In God We Trust.

Bob Zimmerman

Senior Vice President Men’s Auxiliary

From Bob Zimmerman, November 3, 2009

Operation Courage Is Beautiful (OCIB) and women having the courage to serve our country is a beautiful thing. America is a land of individuals. Men and women are, by nature, built differently. Men are naturally protective of women, and women by nature feel they should have a sense of being feminine when in the company of men. OCIB brings a whole new sense of femininity to women in Harm’s Way. By mere virtue of the fact they have a Care Package containing products unavailable to them at the Exchange gives them a reminder that they are women. Being a Marine or a Soldier is an honor, and a man or woman serving in harm’s way greatly appreciates being able to feel fresh and clean whenever the opportunity presents itself. That fact is much easier for a man to do than it is for a woman. For that reason alone I feel, rest assured, OCIB fills a much appreciated lift for young women when serving in harm’s way.