One of the most wonderful fulfilling acts

June 13, 2013

Good Morning;

I would like to take the time to deeply thank you all for your support
during this time in my life. This package is one of the most wonderful
fulfilling acts that I have had during these past months. Organizations
like yours are the reason we are still willing to fight for our wonderful
country. I would like to give a special thanks to my fiancé Ashley
E. for nominating me for this care package and Caroline B.
from troop 318 Girl Scouts. I will have that letter on my wall locker for
further support. Love the products, very real to what I actually use and
need. Extra thanks to Cindy, Bob, Elaine and Casey…amongst all the others
that make these packages possible to our troops.

Many many special thanks from myself

SrA Vilmar J C. (USAF)