“It is wonderful when one … has a lady in mind.”


Good Morning,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the package and what you are doing for us. Sometimes it is hard being a female here, because a lot of the general packages are designed for a man (shaving cream, razors, deoderant, etc) so it is wonderful when one is received that has a lady in mind. It was great to open the box and find that you not only thought of me, but of others so that I could share. Thank you again.

I have attached a photo for you although it is not that good. My unit has been here since December and we are schedule to remain until fall… I am an Army Reservist from Ohio and currently serving as a Military Police Officer. We are training the local Iraqi Police on how to do their jobs so that they can take over. It is exciting and challenging, but still it is war none-the-less.

Thank you and all those that assisted in making this package possible. There are never enough thanks that go to the people that support us for without you, we could not do our jobs! Thanks again.