New flyers (or modified OCIB flyers) to advertise campaigns in support of Operation Courage is Beautiful shall follow these guidelines:

  • Our logo shall be used
  • The words “Operation Courage is Beautiful” shall be used.
  • Textual content gathered from our website may be used
  • Our website shall be referenced.
  • Photos from our website may not be used without written permission.
  • Do not speak on behalf of Operation Courage is Beautiful.
  • Your organization/business is “supporting” and not “partnering” with Operation Courage is Beautiful, unless you have been approved as a Strategic Partner.
  • The proceed or donation amount/percentage shall be described.  e.g. Net Proceeds, 30%, half

If you would like to receive guidance regarding your flyer, please contact us.

If you would like to be a Strategic Partner and be listed as a Strategic Partner on our website, please submit a Strategic Partner proposal.