Our wonderful line-up of comediennes all donated their time to this charity event.


Vicki Barbolak learned her craft at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. She won California’s Funniest Female and Nick@NIte’s Funniest Mom In America. She’s featured in the upcoming Indy film by John Griess, Pickin’ and grinnin’, and is currently producing a new reality show in conjuntion with Hughes Capital Entertainment. Vicki is often referred to as then next version of Rosanne and Phyllis Diller. Audiences all over the county love Vicki’s hilarious way of looking at relationships, raising kids and chasing a dime in this crazy new century.


Diane Jean-Comedienne

I am a menopausal, single, grandmother who’s been divorced three times; do you think I have a few things to say? I’ve been performing stand up comedy on stage for about a decade, but it seems more like a little over nine and a half years. City Beat Magazine said my show is like a, “Volcano Vaporizer of Crazy Laughter.” I was flattered by the review, but I think I was just having hot flashes.


Jackie has been a national touring comic for over 15 years. She has her own half hour special on Comedy Central, was a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing and has appeared on NBC, VH1, CNN, The Weather Channel and A&E (Comedy on the Road – back in the 1700’s). She has been the pick of the week performer in the LA Weekly. Her new CD, “It is Never Going to Be Bread” will be released by Standup Records in May of 2010. She has a weekly podcast where she interviews people about their obsessions. Tune into The Dork Forest on iTunes or on the player at her website.


Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, Julia is a talented stand-up and musical comedian as well as a host, an improviser and writer. Comedically, this snarky songstress is known for her quirky melodies and quick-witted lyrics. Her tunes gained national exposure when she created and starred in the weekly comedy series “A Song by Julia!” for E! Entertainment; each week penning an original tune based on headlines in the gossip rags.

Julia was a “New Face” at the 2007 Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival; appeared at the 2006 Vancouver Comedy Festival; can be seen regularly as a correspondent on the Fuel TV show “The Daily Habit”; and has been seen on E! as well as MTV. She is the official jingle writer of The Dennis Miller Show.

Julia is based in Los Angeles and recently returned from entertaining the troops in overseas. She has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and used to be in the Navy, but swears she isn’t as nerdy as either of those things make her sound. She graduated from the United States Naval Academy and still fights the rumors that she only joined for the all the men in uniform.

She has recently been told that she has “moxie”. Although she doesn’t know what that means, she sincerely hopes it’s not contagious.




David Brenner says, “Even if you can’t spell Karen Rontowski, you’d better remember it, because she is GREAT!”

Ms. Rontowski describes herself as having an optimistic outlook; everything is coming up roses when you talk to Karen.  So what if her therapist says she’s in complete denial.  The truth is, when it comes to her standup comedy career, everything is coming up roses, or at least laughter.

Comedian Karen Rontowski’s  upbeat, optimistic and clean sense of humor has earned her headlining spots all over the world.  She has also opened for such show biz legends as Bob Hope, Ray Charles and the Monkees.  Often described as a “New Age Hippie” Rontowski says “there is no time like the present to be living in the past.”

Karen’s real touring trips (not the ones in her head) include 45 of the 50 states, Canada, Japan, Greenland and all over Europe.   She has also entertained the troops with tales of her Polish father who once put a drawbridge on their house… actually he just installed the garage door upside down.  But that’s Karen….  always accentuating the positive…

A television favorite, you may have seen this hilarious woman on Comedy Central,  Live at Gotham and Comics Unleashed.  A regular on the Bob and Tom Radio Show, Karen keeps listeners laughing not only with her standup, but also when she talks about her other career as a paranormal investigator.

Recently seen performing in the encore production of David Brenner’s “What’s so funny?” and the TBS Comedy Festival, Karen just completed the television pilot, Karen’s Supernatural Junkyard,  in which she spear-
heads hilarious adventures into supernatural investigations.  Just ask her about her ghost orbs!  “I am not afraid of ghosts, they’re just people who don’t know their dead yet.  Like Dick Cheney.”

Rontowski can also be seen in the movie shorts Return to Sender and Some Kind of Joke.



Marian Steers lives in the mountain area of San Diego. She is only 12 years old has been performing in front of groups since she was 3 years old as a Forest Service volunteer. Marian has played many parts in Living History and later participated comedy nature hikes and comedy campfire programs. Marian began performing stand up comedy during her schools’ first talent show while in the fifth grade and has consistently delighted her audiences. The school principal, Joan Baumann, a theater major, was very impressed by this petite young lady and recommended 7th grade Marian to play the lead role as Alice in the Local High school play Alice in Wonderland. Jon McGuffin, did a wonderful job directing the play and made comments that several people approached him after each performance asking, “Where did you find Alice?!”

Marian loves to ice skate, raises chickens, and participate in many outdoor activities. Much of her humor stems from  these interests and everyday life. You can expect to see more of her this summer in the San Diego area.



“Bethany was so good…she could be a multi-character on Saturday Night Live.”

Bethany Therese’s unique, upbeat comedy style incorporates all aspects of performing. She has played venues around the nation including THE HOLLYWOOD IMPROV, CAROLINES NY, THE COMIC STRIP, THE THROCKMORTON THEATRE, THE BREA IMPROV, CARLSBAD VILLAGE THEATRE, to name a few. Bethany was named one of California’s Funniest Females, and was recently named one of the 3 Funniest People in the OC.

Bethany’s other credits include THE SOPRANO’s, where she played opposite Steve Bushemi, the film HUMBOLDT COUNTY, with Chris Messina and Frances Conroy, and the Broadway show MAMMA MIA!, A singing talent which she incorporates in her act.

Bethany’s short film, which she wrote and starred in won the silver award for a romantic comedy at WorldFest Houston. She is currently working on her first feature!