Your package lifted my spirits making me feel like a woman again!


Let me start this email off by saying “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Your package could not have come at a more opportune time. I was just looking at myself in the mirror this morning, thinking, whatta mess- I am ugly- I am dirty- I am not beautiful, my hair is a mess and my skin is dry. Your package lifted my spirits making me feel like a woman again! Let me explain: I work in a warehouse with all men. I am a SSgt (Staff Sergeant) in the Marine Corps. I have about 20 male Marines under my charge. It’s all I can do to keep my sanity and going nuts on them! I have cc’d the other female that works in the same warehouse as me- her and I help one another out and our bond out here has grown together as 2 women trying to make it in a male dominated world.

Your package made me feel beautiful again- the first thing I did when I looked inside the package was walk over to Janeth (the other female Sgt who I work with). Your note told me to “share” and that’s just what I did! We started to open the bags and our eyes lit up! We saw the conditioner, lipstick, lotions and we got all giddy! Thank you so much ladies- it made my week!

What you do is just as important as what we do- because we have the support of other women. Out here sometimes we are the forgotten ones-packages come in with socks (size 11 and up), beef jerky and foot powder- I know it’s the thought that counts and we are ALWAYS thankful-but this package was the best- and made me feel like we are NOT forgotten! Again, thank you so much for everything- it’s truly an honor!

SSgt Christine E. H.