These text and graphic files are provided to help make it easier to support our servicewomen through Operation Courage is Beautiful.  Use these files to make your own fliers, social media posts, etc..  We greatly appreciate your support!

These guidelines shall be used when executing a campaign and designing print/web materials related to Operation Courage is Beautiful:

  • Our logo shall be used
  • The words “Operation Courage is Beautiful” or “OCIB” shall be used.  The phrase shall not be shortened.
  • Our website shall be referenced.
  • Content from our website, including our photos, may only be used for campaigns specifically and solely benefiting Operation Courage is Beautiful.
  • You may not speak on behalf of Operation Courage is Beautiful.
  • Your organization/business is “supporting” but not “partnering” with Operation Courage is Beautiful, unless you have been approved as a Strategic Partner.
  • The disclaimer should be written on all digital or print materials that “This is not a campaign of Operation Courage is Beautiful.  This is a campaign run independently in support of Operation Courage is Beautiful.”
  • The proceed or donation amount/percentage shall be described.  e.g. “Net Proceeds,” “30%,” “half”

Files available for download:

You may find it useful to incorporate the letters, stories and/or photos we have received from service women.




More can be found on our Facebook page:


If you would need any help regarding your campaign or print materials, please contact us.