Thanks from Afghanistan


Dear Cindy, Elaine and Bob,

Thank you for the wonderful care package and support you provide to hte Airmen in the 655th Air Expeditionary Squadron.  Your package of goodies brought great cheer to my Airmen, especially those in remote outposts.  It is for great patriots like you that we serve to protect even in the far reaches of Afghanistan.  You remind us daily of the freedoms we hold so dear and for which we put our lives on the line, to ensure it for generations to come.

The 655th Air Expeditionary Squadron has about 250 Airmen in over 50 specialties assigned across the east of Afghanistan.  We support the US Army or the Afghanistan National Army directly every day to ensure the Afghans are safe and have the opportunity for a peaceful and prosperous future.  The latin in under the “symbol” of the Snow Leopard translates to “Fortune Favors the Brave.”  The squadron has many brave Airmen and we are fortunate to have supporters like you and your family.  Thank you.


Melinda M., Lt Col, USAF