Sunblock that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction

Good Morning Cindy,

Chaplain Fuimaono and I wanted to let you know that we received the care packages of awesome feminine supplies. Our Female Warrior’s faces were priceless. They could not believe that someone would give them such big brand named feminine supplies out here. They were so appreciative and thankful and here are few photos so you can see for yourself what an impact this had on our Lady Warriors. One of our Marines from Security platoon cannot wear certain types of sunscreen because it makes her skin irritated, and it just so happens that one of the items in the special gift bags had the exact type of lotion she needed that would not cause her to have an allergic reaction. I cannot tell you how much it boosted their morale and confidence out here by knowing people care so much about them back home. This really meant a lot and thank from us as well.

Chaplain Fuimaono and RP2 Paul Drachenberg
CLB-5 Religious Ministry Team