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From a handwritten letter by PFC T., Kierra.

Dear Operation Courage is Beautiful,

My name is PFC T., Kierra writing in behalf of the soldiers in Alpha Company 701st BSB.  We would just like to thank you for the care packages that we have received.  Its the little things that count and any motivational material goes a long way.  Our soldiers have been really grateful for everything that we receive, and we hope to continue to receive motivational material whether it be letters, care packages, pictures, etc..  Our company is doing well right now with its deployment.  No one wants to lose anyone, but sadly we lost one person so far in our brigade.  Any prayers for our unit, battallion, and brigade would be greatly appreciated.  We work 12-16 hour days with no days off so its usually very busy for us all day and surprisingly we got a few hours to oursevles at work, and here I am writing.  =)  Our unit has a facebook page if you would like to visit.  Alpha Company 701st BSB Atlas the page shows our progress, the awesome individuals we work with, and so forth.  Basically how we live our lives over here in Afghanistan.  Being that this is my first deployment and I didn’t know honestly what to expect.  I was nervous stepping off the plane, but being here for almost three months it really isn’t so bad although it drives me crazy being away from home and my family.  Waking up to wear the same Army multicam uniform everyday.  It gets pretty old lol.  Well I’m going to end this letter and head back to work.  We’re cleaning weapons today and preparing for the range soon.  Once again I just wanna say Thank you for everything you have done to support us troops over here.


PFC T., Kierra and the soldiers of Alpha Co. 701st BSB.