Nicole, an Amazing Young Lady!

Nicole had to work very hard to even be able to join the Army.   She was at least 50 pounds overweight and could not run, or do a single sit up or pushup.  When she came to me and my husband and told us she wanted to enlist in the Army, she asked for help.  She needed to learn to eat better and to exercise.  We allowed her to move back home to begin preparations to enlist.   It took a little longer than expected, but she was finally able to ship to Basic Training in Feb 2011.

When I saw my daughter at her graduation, I was amazed at the transformation.   She had so much more confidence and stood so much taller!   Since getting to her duty station, she has continued to grow into an amazing Soldier.  It’s as if she was born to do this!  Nicole deployed approximately 6 months after arriving at her duty station.  She was excited to be able to go and do her part in serving in the war on terrorism.

Since being deployed, Nicole’s name has been submitted for a Battlefield Promotion, which is well deserved.  Her work ethic is impressive according to her Chain of Command.  Nicole has asked me on several occasions to send female-related items to her and her battle buddies as they are in short supply at their location.  She even asked me to take money out of her own account to buy the items to send to her friends – that’s what type of young lady she is!  Of course, I would never feel right in using my daughter’s money to support these young ladies who are serving our country, so I have sent many boxes on my own.


-Nicole’s Mom