Morale Night for Spec Ops group kicking some serious butt

When MSgt Laduska W. wrote us about the kick butt group of ladies in her Spec Ops group needing a little love, Operation Courage is Beautiful sent her care packages full of goodies for her to hold her event.  She sent an email back with some photos in thanks.  The ladies definitely look great, refreshed and ready to go!


February 16, 2017


I happen to be a female First Sergeant for a Spec Ops group down range, in a
very isolated location. I have about 10 women in my group and they need a
little love. I am trying to put together a morale night for them and could use
some help getting some supplies together for them. We will be here about 5.5
more months. I would really appreciate any help you could provide, and I know
it would make them smile. These are very tough women in a highly male
operating world and they are out here kicking some serious butt. It would be
awesome to show them some love. I included my mailing address as well. Please
let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much!

MSgt Laduska W.



Thank you so much for the packages! Here are a few pics of the ladies
enjoying the stuff you sent. It was such a wonderful thing for you to do for
us and we are so very grateful to you and your operation. Thank you


(Full names omitted to protect privacy)