It is the mission of Operation Courage is Beautiful to bring a little joy and femininity to our active duty, deployed, US servicewomen through care packages geared for women.

Our organization is based on the contributions of volunteers and individual, organization and corporate donors.


Board of Directors


President – Casey Chan-Ruthenbeck, Interim Executive Director

“I feel blessed and honored to be given the opportunity to be a part of such a simple yet meaningful program.”  Casey believes that every member of the Armed Forces deserves our support.  As the Past and current Interim Director of Operation Courage is Beautiful since 2010, she has used her skills as a small business owner to support the mission, growth and development of OCIB.  She looks forward to the future growth that will happen under new leadership.





Vice-President – Cindy Chan, Founder
“In August of 2009, we launched our non-profit community project called “OPERATION COURAGE IS BEAUTIFUL”, which was inspired by an article of the same title I read in my Glamour Magazine about women who served in Iraq.  Even though I grew up in a military city (San Diego), I never felt any real connection to the military community, but this article really attracted my attention. I’ve had several servicewomen order our blinged-out iPod earbuds, and after reading this article, I realized that I really am part of the same community as they—the community of WOMEN.

Cindy continues to contribute her strategic and marketing expertise to forward the mission of OCIB.




Secretary – Yuting Chloe Xiang










Treasurer – Ina Masten







Heather Pittman

Heather began her involvement with OCIB in 2009 as a military liaison.  She now serves a member of the Board of Directors.

“I believe my military experience with deployments both on shore and sea have helped me to better convey the needs of the military women.  It’s the simple things that make our deployments and time in the field that much easier.  OCIB has taken off since it first started in 2009 and love what it brings to the servicewomen.  I believe OCIB is on the right track and will continue to grow.  Since I am moving to the East coast my goal once I’m acclimated is to try and get the word out about OCIB on that side of the coast.”






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