The OCIB Board of Directors is a working board that meets quarterly in north San Diego (in-person or via telephone or web conference) with its various committees meeting as needed.  All members are voting members except for the Executive Director.  If you have any questions, please contact us.


Board of Directors

President, Interim Executive Director – Casey Chan-Ruthenbeck


“I feel blessed and honored to be given the opportunity to be a part of this meaningful program.  Thank you letters are frequently sent back to us from our care package recipients, and I am reminded of how truly valuable our care packages are.  It is so important that all members of the Armed Forces receive support from back home.”  As the Past Executive Director and current Interim Executive Director of Operation Courage is Beautiful since 2012, Casey has used her skills as a small business owner to support the mission, growth and development of OCIB.  She established OCIB as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2015 and most notably increased outreach to procure donations from organizations and businesses across the nation.  She looks forward to the future growth of OCIB under new leadership.  Casey may also be called Dr. Casey Chan – She is a clinic director and chiropractic doctor practicing in North San Diego.

B.A., Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley
Doctor of Chiropractic, Southern California University of Health Sciences

Vice-President – Cindy Chan, Founder


“Even though I grew up in San Diego, a city famous for its military bases, I never felt a close connection to the military community. In the summer of 2009, I read an article about three women who had returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. They spoke of how while off-duty they would sometimes put on a little eyeliner or wear stilettos for just a moment to remind them of who they are and of home.  I realized how much I had taken these amazing people for granted.  It’s easy for our society to forget or overlook these women in uniform, these women whom are trailblazers and sacrifice so much for our community, country and planet.

Not finding any organization that takes products for these women, I was inspired to start a community project to put together female-oriented care packages. In November 2009, we officially launched Operation Courage Is Beautiful, and it has grown tremendously since, providing free care packages to our deployed servicewomen.”

For the past ten years, Cindy has contributed her management, operations, marketing, and consumer insights expertise to Operation Courage Is Beautiful and other non-profit organizations and grassroots activism. Cindy has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing and product management in the consumer goods, healthcare, retail and food/beverage industries. Cindy holds a BA from UC Berkeley and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Secretary – Jonathan Ley


Jonathan began his involvement with Operation Courage is Beautiful in 2010 as a Volunteer.  He now serves as a member of the Board of Directors.”It truly is an honor being able to assist and support all women in our armed forces. I am a true believer that the role and work that women do in our military are what defines and sets an example to all other military forces around the world. I recently moved back to the US after spending over 15 years overseas building businesses in multi-cultural and geo-political settings. The core mission that Operation Courage represents to all of us as individuals is one of the most noble ones I’ve seen. I have great expectations and a very positive outlook on the involvement and impact that Operation Courage will continue to have with our servicewomen.  I aim to be able to help Operation Courage reach every US military woman in every corner of the world.”

B.S. Business Administration, Marshall School of Business. Minor in East Asian Languages, Minor in Philosophy, University of Southern California
B.A. Chinese Literature, Peking University
M.B.A. Peking University

Treasurer – Ina Masten


Ina began her involvement with Operation Courage is Beautiful in 2016 as a board member.
“I have a passion for working with non profits and have served on several boards over the past ten years. It is an honor to give back to organizations that truly make a difference in people’s lives. OCIB is one that provides a unique opportunity to let those deployed service women know we support and are so grateful for their service. Being away from family and home in tough and challenging areas of the world without access to anything but the most basic of supplies for long periods of time can leave anyone wishing for a small connection to home. OCIB boxes bring an opportunity to provide much needed personal supplies that can make a big impact both in needed products and a moral support boost to those deployed service women. I look forward to the organization to the continue to grow and be able to reach many more of our service women.”

B.S. Accounting, National University, San Diego Campus
M.B.A. Computer Information Science, University of Phoenix,
San Diego Campus

Senior Chief Heather Pittman

I have proudly been serving our country for 18 years and began my journey with Operation Courage is Beautiful (OCIB) back in 2009 when I was introduced to Cindy Chan by a mutual friend to discuss women in the military and how some of our basic wants go to the wayside because we are deployed.

I believe the mission of OCIB is important because each box produced by OCIB contains morale boosting products that remind us of home, which allows us to not only be a deployed service member, but to remind us that we are daughters, mothers, wives, and sisters. Many people have asked me “why do women need make up or “good smelling stuff” while they are deployed?” My answer is simple: “Most of us while we are home have a daily routine; mine consists of; I get up, feed my daughter, go to the gym, come home, shower; with my favorite beauty products, “put my face together,” put my uniform on and go to work. When I deploy I no longer have the privilege of feeding my daughter, gym routines are modified to fit the type of deployment, and my shower routine is much more condensed due to water restrictions, sharing the bathroom with several hundred women, and space factors. However, despite all of that, we make it work, we learn to share space with one another, and we become each other’s family while we are away from ours. It is not that we “need” make-up or good smelling products, we have certainly learned to survive without them, but if an organization has the ability to brighten a service members deployment with some nice products, then why not? I have had the honor of completing seven deployments, one of which was “Boots on the ground” in Iraq, and it is amazing how simple products can impact the morale of a service member while they are deployed. That is why the mission of OCIB is so important.

Bachelor of Science in Management, University of Phoenix
2017 Honor Graduate of Navy Senior Enlisted Academy, Newport, RI
2014 Graduate of Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Academy, Petaluma, CA

Maureen Lindsey

I have great respect for all those who volunteer to be the defenders of our country. The heroes who stand tall in the defense of our freedom and protect our most basic human rights deserve our reverence, admiration and appreciation. It gives me immense pleasure when I hear people say “Thank you for your service” to military men and women.

I’m a person who believes that actions speak louder than words. When I discovered OCIB, it compelled me to take action and gave me a purpose to support the words “Thank you for your service.” As a woman and mother of 2 daughters, Operation Courage allows me to touch the lives of women warfighters in a more direct and tangible way.

My goal is to bring comfort and a touch of home to military women who are far away from their families and friends in defense of this great nation.

Mascara, shampoo and a magazine may not seem life changing, but when you’re in the middle of a war zone on the opposite side of the world, they have the power to make you feel like a brand new woman.

This is my way of serving the brave women who serve for us. I am thrilled to be welcomed as a board member of Operation Courage is Beautiful.








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