“A perfect fit for our unit… I’ll spread your website around.”


Greetings Cindy, Bob, and Elaine!

I had asked for an Operation Courage is Beautiful packet to see what they looked like, and it turned out to be a perfect fit for our unit. I have four female soldiers in my unit and the lotion, sunscreen, cleansers are always welcome…as was some of the make-up since we don’t have any selection over here in Iraq – always fun to have a girl moment! We had fun opening and comparing the packages, and truthfully I’m excited about some of the skin care products since this sun and dry heat does a number on your skin and hair. My thanks to you back in the states for coming up with innovative ideas to help our female veterans. March is Women’s History month, and if you don’t mind I’ll spread your website around to fellow leaders who may want to do something to boost morale and appreciate their female soldiers here on Joint Base Balad.

A. M.